Furthurmore Friday Week 30



(5.7.2010) For the 30th Furthurmore Friday,
we had the following contest:

The Grateful Dead covered many songs by other artists, mostly older songs. However, they did cover two mega-hits within a few months of their initial release by their original artists. One of these songs, in fact, was performed by the Grateful Dead a few days before it even charted by the original artist! What two mega-hits are these, who are the artists, and which was played by the Grateful Dead prior to charting on the Top 40 by the original artist?

Of the first ten correct answers sent to us, (Hey Jude by the Beatles (released by the Beatles in August, 1968, covered by the Dead in February, 1969) and Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon (first entered the Top 40 charts on April 22, 1978, the Dead first played it April 19, 1978) Doug L was chosen at random & won a Furthur 2010 Radio City poster.